January update

Enjoying being busy at work learning valuable programming lessons. Attended a C++ course this last week and stayed down in Southampton because of serious car trouble. Spent a disproportionate amount of time battling with insurance agencies and car hire companies. Unfortunately things aren’t simple with regard to specialist transport and insurance companies aren’t particularly understanding of these complex issues.
Car adaptions for a “mobile office” still ongoing and not completely resolved unfortunately. I need to seek further advice.
Wedding planning another item on the list struggling to get attention. Must prioritise.
Good news, I’m becoming a ‘mentor’ for the backup trust to help discuss issues with people who have experienced a spinal cord injury. I may also help with Matt Hamsden’s new charity.
Unfortunately I have to go into hospital (locally) to have large kidney stones removed. We are going for a non-invasive but not always hundred percent successful approach to attempt to mitigate the risk of a long stay in hospital.
The new off-road wheelchair is looking promising, still some design issues to be resolved as is not a simple control solution.
head control was not the one I expected, the one from permobil has reverse which is very important (front left side sensor). Obviously not much we can do about that now apart from ask dynamics to add a pushbutton (accessible from shoulder movement) to act as a reverse switch. The other modification I would need for the headrest is to enable a greater sensing area for the back of the head (e.g. two proximity sensors or more side-by-side), this is to enable me to make contact with one of the side sensors and the back sensor simultaneously to turn and drive (obviously a critical functionality). This is partly due to the fact that the turning sensors are further forward (away from the back plate of the head control) than on my current head control.

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