Rationale for laptop integration into car

letter to try to obtain funding for car modifications to enable efficient working environment “on the move”.

I commute three hours per day (round-trip to work from Oxford to Romsey), this is an enforced commute as relocating is not an option due to the complexities of personal care, healthcare, local reliable support worker, building adaptions etc.

I utilise these hours in the car to work in order to maintain competitive productivity in the workplace (I rely entirely on voice recognition which, in some cases, is inefficient and requires extra out of contract time contribution to catch up with the productivity level of other engineers). Due to the age of my previous laptop I required a replacement to meet the performance requirements of the voice recognition (and other work tools) software. This new laptop is significantly larger than the old one and I cannot use it on the dashboard as I did with the previous one. As a result of this I now need another solution which I have identified as installing a small, relatively inexpensive LCD screen in the roof (near to the sun visor) and a docking station in the passenger side front foot-well which will house my laptop safely. There will also be (in addition to a display cable) a USB extension cable run up the side of the car to accommodate my headset for the voice recognition and integration of my phone into the computer and car stereo.

My employers have kindly purchased the required over spec laptop with solid-state hard drive and 3G modem to accommodate my mobilised working needs. This means that with the adaptions I will be sufficiently productive during the commute and customer visits or conferences.

The supplier I have sourced is extremely good value and the parts are common and relatively inexpensive compared to the majority of audiovisual car components.

Hopefully you can accommodate my needs and enable me to be necessarily competitively productive in my workplace. If you think this is a worthwhile endeavour I will engage the supplier for a quote.”

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  1. Hello Tom,

    marie saw this story on the BBC News website and thought you
    should see it.

    ** In pictures: Hawking exhibition at Science Museum **
    Working papers, rare photographs and a zero-gravity flight suit are among the items on show at a new exhibition celebrating the life and work of Professor Stephen Hawking.

    Hope all is well (?)

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