Staying in

We are both little ill at the moment with winter bugs. So staying in a lot. Going to see some live music on Monday (Billy Bragg and the King blues) which I’m very excited about.I’m having my kidney Stones chopped out sometime in the future (have to be surgically removed because they are too big to be “blasted”) which is an operation I am not looking forward to. My ankle is eventually recovering I think, I’m going for another x-ray today to make sure it’s safe to weight bear. Without standing I’m a lot less comfortable sitting around all day because my body doesn’t get the same type of exercise.
The personal health budget is going really well, allowing me to have more control and visibility over my care funding. Obviously little more of an administrative burden for me but I think it’s worth it.
Work is very interesting, did my first PV (private venture) presentation to the directors of the company yesterday, this is an application for internal investment into work that will improve the technical capability of the organisation in some way. I’m going to be looking at multicore technologies and ways to utilise multiple processing entities within software. This is not something new but expertise is usually beneficial.
Off-road wheelchair is still in development, looking forward in trepidation to trying it out. Hopefully not too much longer now. The majority of fundraising is complete but still trying to raise the remainder.

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