late summer occupations

Have to do a bit of fundraising first;
the off-road wheelchair project is still going after delays due to the available funds and development processes. It is being assembled as we speak over the next few weeks as the full 50% deposit has been paid. Some of the remainder has been raised but there is still significant shortfall serve anyone else can make a contribution please e-mail me or leave a comment with contact details: whizz2000 at hotmail dot com
enjoyed the launch of the charity “vitality” founded by Lucy Robinson (I especially enjoyed Rob Rush’s DJ set), they aim to start the process of self education in rural developing communities with respect to spinal health and care for people with spinal cord injuries. Google for more info
working on my personal health budget which should enable me greater control over my personal and health care.
Remembering Michael everyday and regretting the fact that I can’t ask him about radio systems anymore.
Writing a research proposal for a continuation of work I started about three years ago on the development of “ad hoc, mesh networks”.
Planning to attend various live music events including snow patrol, Arctic monkeys, Gruf Rhys, the King blues and Billy Bragg, DJ shadow.
Slowly progressing with wedding planning, visited a promising looking venue yesterday and typically shocked by the costs.
Thinking about how to deal with a large kidney stone and willing my ankle to mend quicker (it was broken in a midnight downhill venture at a Festival).
Wishing everyone well.

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