Monza Baby: F1 Grand Prix 2011

We endured a marathon 17 Hour journey to Monza in the amazing VW van with myself, Gary, Raj, Yvette and Christayl. We subsequently enjoyed a fantastic weekend in Monza for the Italian F1 Grand Prix 2011. We were treated to VIP treatment by ACP and partners (the management of Monza). With an incredible level of hospitality and an unwavering willingness to solve our every problem and satisfy our every need. Specifically we enjoyed the help of Mr Marco Villa and his assistants including Sabrina and Roberto. This treatment was all facilitated by the generosity of my friend Elena del Fabbro and her mother Elisa who offered us this experience. All the stewards and police officers were very accommodating and helpful, even if a little confused by seeing such a cheeky red-faced tetraplegic Englishman in a Transformers-esque wheelchair racing about everywhere.
I struggled with the heat on the first day (qualifying) but enjoyed the pit walk where we saw the team garages and cars (and supermodels). Mr Villa facilitated us in his office to watch the qualifying on his TV when we got too hot.
The second day was race day, we were invited to another pit walk but unfortunately I was late and got separated from the others and refused entry (understandably because I was late). I did however bump into Mr Jensen Button (currently the most successful UK F1 driver who drives for Mercedes McLaren) and have a brief chat. This was the highlight of the weekend as I regard him as one of the greatest F1 drivers in the world.
We enjoyed the race and more hospitality from ACP, I then bumped into JK (a.k.a. Jamiroquai) who seemed like a very nice guy as well as incredibly talented artist.
An unforgettable event facilitated by unforgettable generosity. I still struggle to express the extent of my gratitude.

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  1. Your Monza trip brought back memories for me, as I went to the Grand Prix at Monza more than 50 years ago with my father. He was a solicitor and an enthusiast for most sports, and Stirling Moss was one of his clients, which gave him an entree to the world of motor racing. Our family went on holiday to Italy that year (Finale Ligure) which was a change from our usual holidays in Westgate! And as my mother didn’t enjoy motor racing my father drove me the long distance to Monza.
    Mostly I remember the headache-inducing noise, the cars zooming around the track buzzing like monster bluebottles. In those days serious accidents were quite common, and the thought that someone might be killed was never far from one’s mind.
    So I didn’t develop a love of the sport, but I do follow the F1 championship so I can imagine that it must have been exciting to meet Jensen Button.
    I’ve loved reading about your various summer exploits and travels.
    My good wishes as always

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