Michael’s funeral

I was asked to speak at my grandfather, Michael’s funeral.
In summary I mentioned how great it was to live with Michael for the last four years and how we both dealt with a decline in mobility together. He was a man who demanded respect by his conduct and radiated his teachings by example. He was a gentleman of core traditional values and managed the difficult balance of scientific and religious understanding like no other I have met . He developed a religious contentedness and made his peace towards the end of his life although this wavered during moments of confusion. Always the first to offer sympathy he rarely talked about personal achievements or complaints. I thought he would have really approved of the ceremony and it was great to hear such good friends talk so fondly of him. Having his very close friends (Henry, Lindsay, Tom and the rest of the Northmoor Choir) surround him to sing the last hymn was very special. He made a large impact on so many people’s lives and he taught me about the power of reflection, the virtues of patience, the importance of dignity, the pleasures of classical music and, possibly most importantly, how to really listen.
We miss you Michaeland you

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  1. Tom – what a beautiful tribute to your grandfather. It has always given me a warm feeling to read about the connection between you two over the last 4 years: the chess games, the conversations, and the shared music. I can imagine how much you will miss Michael’s presence.

    My thoughts and sympathies are with you,

    Warmest wishes,


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