Michael Graham-Jones

paleo was a resounding success, highlights were definitely “roundtable knights” and “nasser”.

unfortunately, a few days after we got back, Michael passed away (my grandfather)

Michael was a very well loved man, he was an inspiration to huge numbers of people during his life and an impeccable role model to those close to him. He was a traditional gentlemen, a unique article and they are not made like that anymore. His thoughtfulness and presentation have made all of us close to him think about how we conduct ourselves. Having only ever known this side of him I have absolutely nothing but admiration for him and regard him as something near impeccable. I would not say this about anyone else I know.

I regard myself and my situation as most fortunate because it enabled me to be close to Michael for a sustained period of time, which may not have otherwise been possible.

He will be missed


Marzillier quote

“I waited for Tom to get ready for the interview, I felt apprehensive. I had no experience of interviewing people who are paralysed and no grasp of what might be acceptable to say or not to say. At the same time I berated myself for failing to see Tom as a person rather than a man in a wheelchair. Could I not treat him as I treated all the other interviewees for my book? My apprehension speaks volumes about how difficult it must be for those who are paralysed, how they deal on a daily basis with the prejudices, uncertainties and misconceptions of others. ” J. Marzillier from his upcoming book on trauma

July 2011 – Paleo pt. II

19.07.11 On the first day, Tuesday, of paleo festival in Nyon, we saw the following bands: The National played their very enjoyable brand of melancholy rock. Jack Johnson, who I listen to a lot in my own time and played an acoustic version of my favourite song of his, Cookie Jar, as an encore. tame Impala, played some impressive progressive psychedelic rock (70s-esque) which I thoroughly enjoyed.

July 2011 – Paleo pt. I

16.07.11 On the road to paleo with Yvette, Isabella and Raj. Just about to meet up with Russell and Lucy south of Dijon. And then on to breakfast in Poligny. Hoping to be at dad’s house by around lunchtime. My friend Tom, Oliver and Polly arriving tomorrow, Jenny and Jean on Tuesday, the Ellen on Wednesday.
Congratulations to Julie and Gary, we have the pleasure of attending their wedding yesterday, it is a real pleasure to know you two.


Went to a party in Chelsea (thank you Jon and Patricia, Spectator!) And then to see Lou Reed (LEGEND still) on Monday night before work the next day, that was a mistake, been shattered all week.
Had a really nice chat with Michael, he always amazes me. Will be sad to see him go as he has been my most admirable role model, as everyone says “they don’t make them like that any more”. I think it may be time soon, I’m not sure he enjoys life in general any more.
So much to organise for Paleo, panicking a little!