Summer plans

Recovering from a nasty hangover, life is very busy. Work continuing to be enjoyable, managing a mix of technical programming and report writing, currently researching into mobile wireless networks.
Gearing up for a holiday in Italy from Thursday then the festival (Paleo) in July and back to Italy in September.
Just about recovering from a chest infection over the last couple of weeks which has not been fun. Lots of hard work from PAs to clear my chest, need to apply for a “assisted cough” machine which will help with this.
Best wishes to all

One thought on “Summer plans”

  1. Sorry about your chest Tom. I remember Gordon landed up in hospital once or twice after not coping very well with chest infections and coughing – able bodied people (Gordon called them ‘fit’ – gut there was never a really good word) never think twice about it – it’s a reflex! – so you are lucky to be over it with your trusty PAs. But I thought about all the travelling you’ll be set to do this summer as I went from Fribourg to Geneva via Lausanne by train on friday (had done the outward journey by car at night). The lake and the mountains were shimmering and the vineyards were lush – no other word for them!
    Not long now for you!

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