Carer of the year

One of my assistants, Lauren, who is reliable and keeps everything working, was awarded with the regain charity carer of the year award for the following nomination:
Lauren has been a reliable and selfless carer, putting herself out consistently to make my life manageable and enjoyable. She seems to have endless patience and is always looking at ways to improve processes to save time, money and improve general health. She is tactful and strikes the balance between being a close friend and professional carer perfectly. I can enjoy my time on my own with Lauren as if it were with a close friend. Flexibility is also strong point, on various occasions when my support worker has been unable to attend work, Lauren has taken me and performed unfamiliar tasks at the latest of notice. This level of cooperation is far above that which is demanded by how Lauren is rewarded, it enables me a high standard of living and I would like to show my appreciation in any way I can.

On a completely separate note, I went to see a brilliant concert with one of my favourite hip-hop artists Mos Def. I thoroughly enjoyed it but was reminded how sometimes it’s impossible not to feel lonely when something significant sets you apart from others. We can only relate to what we can relate to.

Laurent Garnier is helping me to try to get into a dance festival and not be isolated away from my friends with a single accompaniment in the disabled “enclosure”. A big thank you to him and Marc Gordon!

3 thoughts on “Carer of the year”

  1. Tom

    I have not posted for a while but just to say that continuing this site is great for all your friends and admirers. We may not comment regularly but we are out here.

    Pleased for Laurent and your appreciation of her skills.

    I am over in late June and July, sadly will miss those Exuberant events now listed.

    lots of love from myself and Katerina

    love to you all, Barbara
    Deep in dissertation drafts for the final time!

  3. Tom – are you busy and okay?
    I just went up and along the top of Cader Idris as my 80th birthday present for a friend. The weather, which is normally weeping, blowing and sending the clouds down low, did something different and was completely glorious.

    I think of the route up as: thrush – warbler – lark – raven. Few people around and grand views of Snowdonia to the north and east, mid Wales and Cardigan Bay to the south and Anglesey to the north west. Exhilarated on the top, we strode out through the blueberries with great crags on either side – later in the afternoon we both hobbled painfully back to the car, being made by our knees to feel our respective ages!

    But the next day followed a route along the track of a mine railway high above a precipice in the next valley to a beautiful lake where other elderly people were fishing – buzzard – curlew – jay – lark.

    We returned to Oxford via ( a big via) Portmeirion which I only knew of as source of jolly flowered crockery and bizarre photoraphs. It is an amazing place – built to restore beauty to an estuary site of a castle once belonging to the king of north Wales and destroyed in the 19th century in order NOT to attract tourists to the spot! Either you love it or hate it. I thought it was kitsch but anyway I’ve now seen it and the tourists coming to the spot in hordes.

    Back to the dissertations: reality with a hard bump. I hope you Ellen and all the family are flourishing. Kaveri is returning from Pakistan this week. We are all counting down to that.
    with love,

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