fundraising and the exuberant trust

If anyone is in Oxford or surrounding areas in May and June they should definitely check out some of the performances that the exuberant trust is putting on. These are the creations of the exuberant trust and Susie Crow and Ellen (Stewart). More information at

the off road wheelchair is still in development, the addition of the head control and require design changes has resulted in slightly elevated costs and so I’m back to fundraising for the extra £3000. I’m still hoping this will become a reality by the end of the summer, it’s going to be an incredible feeling being able to trundle around the country at a decent speed. I’m hoping some beach excursions may also be possible.

We are back from an incredible trip to Scotland, Essex and Ripon (to see John-Ellen’s dad, my aunt’s family and my grandmother, my uncle’s family all respectively). It was really great to see all the family, John’s house has been made very accessible and he is going to make it available as a wheelchair accessible holiday location in Scotland if anyone is interested.

Enjoyed a festive royal wedding at Stoke Mandeville hospital where Jamie Buckingham arranged the celebrations.

Best wishes to all, below are the details for the exuberant trust performances


Commedia Season Programme

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