Spring update

greetings all

Enjoying a busy period of social events and work whilst enjoying the occasional sunny day in Standlake. For example this weekend we saw the last ever (after the news of their band split) faithless gig in Brixton Academy, I saw the Tottenham versus Stoke (3-2) game at White Hart Lane, attended a friends party in Oxford and caught up with school friends, listened to a family friend (William Knight) sing some Schumann in the Pavilion for the exuberant trust and watched Buena vista social club last night at the new Theatre in Oxford.
Work currently involves looking into information security (encryption) and the emulation of satellite information links for use of Internet broadband.

We are enjoying walking around Standlake visiting the lakes which is an absolute pleasure in good weather.
Looking forward to Scotland and my little sister Josephine visiting next week.

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    Sorry to miss the Pavillion concert but this year is a hectic one – my last in full harness – and involves a lot of travel. I’ve just returned from Indonesia. I don’t suppose you have a reason to want to visit Jakarta – a skyscraperscape built in the last 30 years but it is a place where your new wheel chair would trundle along faster than the traffic which averages one mile per hour most of the day and night.

    Some of us got out of the city to see the Buddhist temple of Borobudur and the Hindu site at Prambanan. Both of them are very beautiful and exciting places (google them!) and, despite the fact that they link worlds, they seem to be ignored by people in S Asia itself.

    You know enough about electronics to tell me why my camera went into visual paroxysms in an electric storm, and took photos of electricity rather than the view, then refused to take any photos at all. These dayas we just rely on the fact that we can record our doings for family and friends..But once back home, I tested it before taking it to be repaired only to find it was working perfectly well…

    So tomorrow it will be out and about in the western edge of the Cotswolds which is my walking project for this year.

    Over and above the meeting which was the official reason for the visit, I also saw a batik workshop ( a real elaborate craft that has survived mass production) and a sultan’s palace – by chance meeting the elder step-brother of the sultan – who isn’t sultan because his mother had a daughter before a string of sons which made all her sons ineligible.
    Avoiding such penalties is a good reason for taking several wives if you are a sultan – and there are 12 left in Indonesia!

    Well that’s it for now. Enjoy your Bank Holiday and soak up this wonderful weather and the luxury of the green countryside.
    with love from us all – Kaveri and Ayaz in Islamabad, Eli and Ali on Osney Island and me in Summertown! Barbara

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