Boma 7 off road wheelchair funding

below is a letter to the trustees of the regain charity who have granted me some funding towards the off road wheelchair, Regain is a charity that helps spinally injured people who have had sporting accidents get back on track with activities such as off road wheelchair adventures, they supply grants to people in need.initial photographs (of the barebones wheelchair) to follow on Flickr. I have been to see stockcar racing on Sunday, the wombats in Hammersmith Apollo (but was forced to sit at the very back in segregation due to their specific health and safety regulations which amount to pure discrimination, which spoilt my evening!) on Monday night and the Stranglers in Oxford O2 Academy (a complete contrast with regards to accessibility, extremely helpful) last night.
This help from regain brings me closer to the cost of the off road wheelchair, nearly there thank you everyone.
Dear Trustees,
I am so excited to hear that I will have help with funding my new Boma 7 off road wheelchair, this fantastically versatile vehicle will help me experience the outdoors at my fiancee’s parents houses in Scotland and Devon as well as my father over in Switzerland. I will be a will to enjoy outings with my family which I have sorely missed.
The wheelchair is being developed to facilitate a proximity head switch control system with which I currently control my indoor wheelchair. The development includes improvements to seating stability using a harness and cushioning which is necessary to control it with my head properly. I’ve never heard of a recreational off-road head controlled wheelchair so maybe it’s a first?
All my thanks for helping me with this venture.
Tom Nabarro

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  1. Dear Tom
    I just caught up with your Radio Oxford interview – what a star you are! You handled all those impossible questions with such patience and wisdom.
    It’s exciting news that the off road wheelchair is taking shape and good that Regain are contributing. It seems exactly the sort of thing they are there to support. I hope it’ll be ready soon for you to use in the summer.
    Keep on enjoying all the sports watching and music and socialising and travel! You haven’t mentioned work recently but I hope that’s going well and you’re feeling much more confident about what you can contribute.
    Warm wishes to you and Ellen

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