Toby’s play and fixed links

Hello all,
here is a fixed link to the BBC Oxford radio interview, I thought Malcolm to be a good interviewer.
Here is another link to a short BBC Oxford radio interview with Toby Clarke on the new version of his play, Tom’s. Toby, Alex (actor playing Tom) and Emily (actor playing Ellen) are now really good friends. I wish them the best, break a leg guys.
The play starts today so if you can, go and give support to Toby and team. It’s a very good piece of theatre with fantastic performances.

We had a great night in Camden on Saturday and I spent Sunday recovering. The off-road wheelchair is becoming a reality, I had an assessment to clarify what kind of seating was needed last week. As expected the costs are steadily increasing but it promises to be a very exciting and rewarding project.

Looking forward to Scotland in Easter to visit John (Ellen’s dad), I am so lucky to have such generous parents-in-law-to-be, both Ellen’s mum and dad have both gone to great efforts to make their houses accessible in Devon and Scotland respectively. We had a great time in Devon recently by the seaside with Mandy and her dogs.

Best wishes to all


2 thoughts on “Toby’s play and fixed links”

  1. Hello Tom!
    Star of stage and screen – it makes all your friends feel very special to see you on local TV news! Congratulations again!

    In your blog, you mentioned going to Chatham House a while ago to hear your dad speak on food security. I crossed his path again in New Delhi at a massive jamboree called ‘leveraging agriculture for nutrition and health’. It was held in a 5* hotel and involved over a thousand people. The food was out of this world, but the luxury sat ill with the subject.

    I needed to go to it not just because I am interested (I helped to write a textbook when your dad and I were teaching at the LSHTM in the early 80s) but also because I needed a visa!! I needed a visa because I couldn’t get a regular one to enter India within 60 days of leaving. New rule. And I wanted to enter India to go to my own conference. And I knew the passport agency would not give me that!

    Do you know, there didn’t seem to be evidence that people who can get hold of diets with enough calories actually suffer much by way of vitamin or minerals deficiencies – perhaps except for women with iron?
    In other words the difference between under-nutrition and mal-nutrition kept being blurred. That gave the big companies like Nestle and Pepsico wide space to argue for supplements and fortified drinks – and it enabled other aid financiers / development agencies to argue for GM or regular plant breeding for bio-fortification.

    I left very confused. If the problem really is that people who are undernourished are malnourished, then the solution is more income to buy better diets isn’t it? So that people aren’t undernourished. And for governments to ensure that markets have fruit, veg, eggs, milk, meat etc to provide all the extras that make us healthy.
    No need for baby food, specially fortified health drinks etc etc..

    People called for evidence based research but no-one at the conference could tell me what the evidence base for the line at the conference actually was.

    In India 45% children are undernourished. While it was reduced to a problem of agriculture and of poverty, when you look at the evidence for India it goes right up the distribution of income!!

    In other words to explain this you may use poverty for the poor. But for the rich you have to explain it by other ways. No-one tried to do that.

    The experience left me wishing I were 40 years younger and had a life of work ahead. It was really good to have a few minutes with David!

    Now I hope you and I don’t have to be so far from home to be able to meet!

    Good luck with the fund raising.

    Now read this!

    with a hug, Barbara

  2. Hi Tom,
    this play looks amazing- I haven’t seen it yet, but will definitely get there.
    Susie is going tonight I believe, perhaps she’ll post a review somewhere.

    Otherwise, congratulations to you and Ellen, big hugs.

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