February update

firstly, thank you to everyone who has helped with the funding for the off road wheelchair, fundraising is still ongoing and the chair is in development.

As someone with a physical disability. I get used to my own perception of my disability and I build up a notion of how others see me. This notion is based on the image I perceive I portray to the world.
Gaining insight into the actual image I portray to the world (outside looking in, as opposed inside looking out) is sometimes a bit of a shock. One forgets how visible the disability is. I, for example, do not see myself as having any communication difficulties. However, when seeing and hearing myself speak, I can see that physical disability has affected my speech and will continue to do so over the years of my life.
These occasional reality checks are useful in that they go some way towards explaining people’s behavioural response.
I had an interesting conversation with my grandfather about the acceptance and adjustment to limitation sometimes being a creative process. This is not usually an intuitive observation when contemplating effects of limitation but we have both observed this in our own experiences. The improvement of areas of personal functional peripheral to those adversely affected (in our case by physical disability) can be seen as analogous to the reallocation of neural resources to sensory areas peripheral to those which are damaged. For example, the development of enhanced auditory sensitivity of someone with limitations in vision processing.
It’s interesting to reflect on the relationship with my grandfather, we share a unique kinship based on the common ground of our physical limitations. Definitely a silver lining, apologies for the platitude.
I was on radio BBC Oxford in the morning on Monday, 1 February and the local BBC Oxford news (BBC1) on TV at 630 and 10:30 PM on the same day. These can still be caught on BBC iplayer online, and I will be posting links to the files on this website shortly.
The play “Tom’s” by Sketty productions will be back on in London soon. Keep an eye out for it!
looking forward to going to Devon tomorrow to visit Ellen’s. Mum.

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