New Year

Merry Christmas and happy New Year, we had ready good fun at our house on New Year’s Eve. I don’t remember all of it unfortunately, thank you to everyone who came. The music and audiovisual systems worked in the end thanks to Raj’s help.
Photographs will be uploaded soon, the theme was pantomimes and I ended up being dressed as Mr Wolf and Ellen as red riding hood.
The New Year promises to be a good one with my big projects being potential changes in care management and the new off road wheelchair project. Both of which have been on the cards for a while.
New challenges include trying to be more involved with the humongous project at work and to try to find more time to focus by improving the efficiency of my systems.. Constantly analysing the opportunity cost of alternatives.
Love to all.

One thought on “New Year”

  1. Hi Tom! Happy new year to you and yours. I hope new year challenges include planning when to be married, maybe on April 29th?
    Have been reading / watching the recent posts on your website, which go up and down and keeping fingers crossed that even if you are not down-free, the downs will be brief in 2011. The possibilities of technology to help people with disabilities are impressive now compared even to the 1990s but even so, much of the world continues as though disabled citizens do not exist or if they do are like non-disabled people, neither of which is true. Well I am now writing blind because I can’t raise this comment box to where I can actually see it! So just to say here we had a separated Christmas, Kaveri with Ayaz in very exciting Pakistan, EliAli in Oxford in their new/old home on Osney Island and me taking a fortnight off to walk swim and shade-bathe in an uninhabited part of Goa a(sublime) and then see the new year in by walking Belfast (cor blimey and very very interesting).
    love from me, Barbara

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