the onset of winter

Had a good day at work today, driving back with Glenn who has played a pivotal role in helping me become more efficient and productive at work. The consistency that he offers offers a more stable environment that having constantly changing PA’s accompany me. The new project is of a much larger scale and has unparalleled complications due to the nature of a software developments. The scale of the project has been daunting and for the last few weeks I have felt pretty lost and unable to really contribute. Although still learning today felt like I will be able to contribute soon.
The feelings of inefficiency are a side effect of disability and will always exist as it’s natural to compare oneself to one’s peers irrespective of differences in situation.
Been finding it difficult to keep up with friends because we are so busy, partly because of my obsession with watching Tottenham taking up my weekends.
Looking forward to seeing leftfield on Friday, picking up a much-needed dose of dance music and catching up with good friends.
On Monday I will be attending a conference at Chatham house to hear dad  speak about food security. This will be a great opportunity for me to learn about issues I am so ignorant about.
Winters greetings to all. Hope everyone is managing the cold.