October update

I’m off to Italy next week for a holiday and then to Stoke Mandeville the week after so they can remove my kidney stones! Sounds like fun. Ellen got her topaz and diamond back from being fitted yesterday, it’s very shiny.

Still trying to raise finances for the head controlled off-road wheelchair (a new version of the BOMa)

anymore contributions are welcome. please read previous posts for my e-mail address or post a comment.

Transitioning to a new project at work again in the communication and networking domain.

Still very interested in controlling electronics with infrared, there is a hugely powerful software project (free, open source software) called Linux Infrared Control (LIRC) which I am very interested in.

Hope everyone is well as they can be.x

below is a short request for help with funding to modify my wheelchair to accommodate changes in my body that have occurred since the accident. At present the chair is ill suited and causing excess discomfort.

I am not receiving incapacity benefit anymore, I assume this is because of the support worker funding (it was previously agreed after a long negotiation, within the permitted working hours agreement). With the government cuts I suppose it will be even harder to retain this now.

The support work arrangement is fantastic, Glenn nearly has clearance and I am able to start a government project today. Thank you very much for your help. We have had some trouble with arranging the agency reimbursement but I think this is almost resolved.

Could I please request some financial assistance with some modifications to the wheelchair. Due to the unsuitability of the armrests on the wheelchair, my hands and arms are being damaged due to the variation of arm and hand positioning (resulting in shoulder and wrist joint pain and contractures in the hand). I have been researching alternative armrests from other companies as the manufacturer does not have an alternative. The parts will come to around £180 and then I assume fitting to be around £100 on top.

The seat base of the chair also requires modification, I am constantly uncomfortable due to changes in my body shape since my accident. At present there is insufficient support of the back and seat and some areas of pressure. This needs a review by the chair manufacturer and some extension of the seat and backrest. Unfortunately because the chair was not provided by the wheelchair service I am unable to get help from them so I would like to request funding for an evaluation of the chair by the manufacturer.

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