Paléo part 2

First day of the festival, Tuesday.

Great fun, great reggae/rap/dnb (peuple de l’herb, n.e.r.d, NTM), some hard Rock with motorhead and others.
Only marred by the confiscation of Raj’s flagpole by unpleasant security heavies who were aggressive and threatening. Apparently the flagpole is a dangerous item even though the pointy end is more than 10 foot in the air. The real issue was probably people complaining about it obscuring the view, we had already acknowledged this and were not putting it up in the grand scene or anywhere where it would be obscuring the view. It seemed like security were enjoying exerting their power for little overall benefit to anyone. It just means people will get lost and we will have trouble staying together with friends and family.
rant over. Very excited about seeing the foals and laurent garnier tonight.

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