June and the onset of summer

looking forward so much to holidays in Switzerland.

And starting to the barbecue weather so we are enjoying the garden has ever.

I’m working hard on telecom projects and learning lots of new information about innumerable telecom technologies. Mainly mobile phone technologies.

Ellen is enjoying the popularity of her elephant in Westfield shopping centre. She is working on a youth music Theatre production at the drill Hall Theatre in central London.

we celebrated my grandfathers 90th birthday, he still beats me at chess.

Best wishes to everyone

One thought on “June and the onset of summer”

  1. Dear Tom

    I haven’t been in touch for ages but am still here, appreciating all your posts and thinking about you often. I hope, when I finally stop work (I thought I had retired ages ago but it didn’t quite turn out that way!) to see you again. Life has been quite complicated and busy and I’m spending a lot of time being a hands-on grandparent and exhausting myself!

    I was interested and very moved by your interview and wondered who it was with, whether it was for publication, and what has happened to it.
    Your poem too made a big impression on me. I’m proud to have such a cousin – even though a distant one.

    I hope the festival this year is as good as ever and that you have a great time. Congratulations to Ellen on her elephant and on her stream of jobs and to you too on all the positive developments in your work.

    With love


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