June and the onset of summer

looking forward so much to holidays in Switzerland.

And starting to the barbecue weather so we are enjoying the garden has ever.

I’m working hard on telecom projects and learning lots of new information about innumerable telecom technologies. Mainly mobile phone technologies.

Ellen is enjoying the popularity of her elephant in Westfield shopping centre. She is working on a youth music Theatre production at the drill Hall Theatre in central London.

we celebrated my grandfathers 90th birthday, he still beats me at chess.

Best wishes to everyone

a poem I wrote

Black days

days when hope is scarce
melancholy overwhelms
the energy to struggle is gone
and resignation resumes.

love is the only keeper
it calls you back
for the remains of the Day
like a candle in the dark.

after the peace of night
yesterday seems imagined
the only trace in lovers eyes
of concern.

Under layers of ambition
melancholy is hidden
a sleeping beauty
giving peace in the eye of the inevitable storm.