post-Easter Update

Ellen was part of making a documentary about some actors with autism which is on Channel 4 on Monday at 730 (I think that’s the time anyway). Looking forward to that.
Her elephant is to be on display towards the end of may for a few months. It is an incredible sculpture and many people’s favourite of the 230 on display in London.
My news: attending a couple of conferences for work (in Edinburgh) and as a volunteer for Stoke Mandeville to help with telecare/IT related aids as an independent consultant.
Finally getting a new vehicle to replace Steven Hawking’s incredible Chrysler Voyager, the vehicle is such a critical piece of my life’s infrastructure, I can’t really go anywhere without it.
The weather is starting to turn around and the house/garden is such a pleasure to be around.
Easter in Scotland was incredible, Ellen’s dad John has made an incredible transformation of the house with complete wheelchair accessibility, wet room, shower chair, level/ramp access and the most incredible view of new Abbey, Dumfries. We had a great time with Ellen’s family (unfortunately missing three members who were not able to come).
John is thinking of renting the accommodation (great for wheelchair (or non-) users) so if anyone would like a holiday in Scotland, get in touch:  john_the_vet _at_ (replace _at_with @).
I am trying to find solutions for carer situation and looking at voice recognition possibilities for Linux (not Windows) computer operating systems. Also if I have time looking at how to use a PlayStation with a switch head control.
Happy birthday Mum for tomorrow, should be a fun day @ the limes.

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  1. Sunday 25 April – London Marathon 2010

    Looks as if it’s going to be a very HOT day.
    Good luck to your friends Tom – Rajiv Bose and Gary Thornton.

    Take care of yourselves.

    Je vous embrasse.

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