March update

I haven’t written in a while, life has been mainly preoccupied with work and recovering from falling out of my wheelchair and damaging my head.
A few visits to Stoke Mandeville to talk to patients at “patients and relatives day”, most recently I saw a guy called Dan Eley who was flown back from Columbia. Dan has a great attitude despite being in a difficult situation with a nasty bedsore, ventilator and nasogastric tube. He can’t get up and has to lie flat but seems to have great support and a brilliant outlook.
I also met the family of Ben who is in rehab at Stoke and it’s great to see such good support networks.
There should be a little article about the Sweden trip in the Sunday Times tomorrow (14th of March).
Unfortunately I have lost or will be losing all my good regular PAs, so it is back to the drawing board to find new regular PAs.Vicci,Candice and Sarah have been incredible supportive PAs enabling me to live my life with enjoyment for the last six months. I am very grateful to them, and would not have been able to be anywhere near as productive or safe and healthy without them. It was a pleasure working with them.
Ellen and her mum Mandy are off to South America (Brazil) today for a couple of weeks to see Ellen’s sister Louise. I am obviously slightly jealous and I’m sure there will have an amazing time (I think there are going to be watching Buena vista social club tonight live on the beach.)
Hope everyone else is well, lots of love.T