Sweden reflections

on reflection, Sweden was incredible. I am thankful for the work of all the Backup Trust team who worked very hard to enable the disabled participants. The ski school instructors were professionals who knew exactly what they were doing and where tactful about how to encourage.

I learnt a lot about differences in needs and there were some very interesting interactions between members of the group. I met some great people with whom I enjoyed learning and spending time.

the experience definitely opens new doors for future skiing opportunities, although hard work it is definitely possible with willing hands.although watching other people snowboard is painful, it’s still exhilarating to be speeding down the slopes.

here are some photos …

2 thoughts on “Sweden reflections”

  1. Hey! That looks terrifically exciting, and remember that as an intrepid snowboarder you pushed this medium to its limits! Are you watching the Vancouver Olympics?

    News here is that Kaveri and Ayaz will be married just as soon as the Home Office proves that they are ‘genuine’. Nasty intrusive process.

    I’ve been working for a fortnight in Tuscany in a little house with lots of real caves bolted against a gorge. Very distracted by the Mediterranean oak trees on the opposite side of the valley swaying in the breeze. Got a lot of work shifted despite them and felt very rested.

    The sledging doesn’t look very restful but I hope you returned with batteries fully charged.

    love from Barbara and co.

  2. Hi – the swedish adventure looks pretty amazing. We are just trying now to set up a disabled rowing centre in Serbia. Very much at the early stages, and in this country people with disabilities are expected to be receiving minimal social benefits, getting sheltered employment making napkin rings and turn up for conferences to thank the Rotary club. So this entire idea of sports for people of all abilities is totally new.

    We have a veeerrryyy long way to go.

    Best of luck


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