Sweden Journal #1

I am now in Sweden in the holiday club hotel at the bottom of the Are ski resort. The journey was interesting, everything much easier than I had expected apart from the predicted difficulty with the weight of the wheelchair and negotiating with baggage handlers.
The hotel is great, the ski slopes look great, there is so much to do including swimming/sauna. I still can’t help feeling a little melancholy about not being able to exploit these activities as I used to, especially snowboarding, I miss it so much. Seeing so many people come back after a good day’s ride makes me sombre, I guess I should be grateful that I have had the experiences, that’s why I miss it.
Tomorrow it’s an early trip up the mountain to prepare for riding in the ski kart, not quite the same as riding it, but on the way there. I should imagine I’ll have a few moments of feeling “what the hell am I doing back on the slopes” but then I think I would regret not taking opportunity to confront my yearning and nostalgia.
The cold makes it hard, that’s the only physical difficulty.BMI airline were incredible help.
Love to all and thank you backup trust.

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