…, that is the question

Enjoying lots of Christmas parties, testing the PA’s stamina, gearing up for a new and exciting (or possibly not) work project to start in the New Year.

Lots of positive feedback about the description of sensations post a few back. Thank you

The answers to some pertinent questions asked by Ellen’s friend Toby are provided below:

What do you miss?

snowboarding, snow, the feeling of weightlessness on powdered snow and carving through it like a knife through warm butter.

Dancing, feeling the vibrations through my body, the reaction of my body to the music. Closing my eyes and letting my body respond to the beat.

The caress and warmth of touch on the whole body.

The feeling of Gravity

the ground beneath my feet

the strength of muscles and power of inertia

What are you thankful for?

that I can see everything is the same even if I can’t feel it.

My mind, the sensation of shoulders neck and head that I still have, the people I still know and love and a lot of people still have for me.

Technology that enables me to live

the brain that enables me to use it

the people that enjoy helping

music that still plays, flavours that still taste, beauty that are still observed

What makes you smile?

Ellen, family, friends, music, the unpredictability of nature

What makes you laugh?

people and their peculiarities, art, the French and French humour, the effect of narcotics, hypocrisy, satire

What makes you cry?

the thought of leaving everything behind, the thought of losing everything I have, isolation, uselessness, numbness, never being comfortable, the thought of never holding my own child


What makes you angry?

insincerity, empty lies, self obsession, needlessly wasted potential, my own wastefulness and lack of self-control

Where do you feel the cold?


Where do you feel the warm?

my head and shoulders

Where do you go to be peaceful?

I close my eyes, relax all the muscles I can and try to think of nothing. I like to go out in the dark of night and be still.

Where do you go for fun?

Cinema, gigs, see friends & family, the pub, travel, read

What do you cherish the most?

Ellen, family

What’s important to you?

time with Ellen family and friends, maintaining relationships

What do you need?

my remaining sensations and faculties plus the same as above

What do you hate?

feelings of uselessness and helplessness

What have you lost?

independence, privacy, power, warmth, energy outlet, active involvement in extreme sports, dancing and the ability to be inconspicuous

What have you gained?

tolerance, perspective, people skills, appreciation, ability to prioritise, a number of genuine friendships, heightened awareness, a unique relationship with close family more than I otherwise would have, especially with grandfather.

Seasons greetings

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