skiing and painted elephants

Dealing with some health issues over the last few weeks, only small and hopefully should pass on soon.
Dads 60th birthday party went swimmingly well with help from some great people helping and very special guests. Dad really enjoyed himself whilst taking a short break from saving the world.
The beloved Stephen Hawking Chrysler Voyager (Audrey the aubergine) has been a bit sick and has a refurbished gearbox, and a new vehicle is being ordered for the New Year, hopefully the Chrysler will last until then.
I went on a ski taster session at Bracknell dry ski slope to try out a ski cart for a potential trip to Sweden in January. Photos on Flickr account (accessible via this blog or Facebook now). The ski cart was a bit slow on the dry ski slope, although I can’t steer it at the moment, hopefully I will be able to in Sweden via some primitive mechanics.
Work has been going well, still on the same project which is overrunning but has great potential. Have avoided the redundancies at work due to being a graduate (and hence gaining immunity from redundancy). A good friend was unfortunately made redundant. Going to stay down in Southampton this week for an all week C++ programming course. Testing out the Holiday Inn disabled facilities, and thankfully they give a free carers room.
Ellen has a project in London to paint a fibreglass elephant which will be publicly displayed for charity (more details to follow).
Looking forward to the backup charity ball (backup trust charity) which promises to be a crazy night up in Birmingham, we are staying at the Hilton for two nights which sounds very luxurious. Gangsters and molls theme so I’m looking for a pinstriped suit.
Very excited by the prospect of John’s (Ellen’s dad) house adaptions up in Dumfries, Scotland. Which are looking great, it will be a great wheelchair accessible holiday venue when we are not using it.
Hope everyone is well, best wishes and love from us x

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