Dan James photo and “The Fall” film

Three disparate subjects;

Ellen found a photo of Dan James which I have never seen before, I thought I would share this with everyone in case it hasn’t been seen . It is photo DSCN1106 on the Flickr photo stream (click on the photos at the side of the page) and is a photo of us playing chess.

I Really enjoyed ‘the fall’, it is a fantastic film and true to life as from my experiences morphine hallucinations/dreams are completely absorbing and very rich in colour. Involving lively fantasies, sometimes fairytale like, with very subtle relation to the environment and events going on in real life.

I went to Lord’s last week to see Middlesex playa cricket match, courtesy of my friend Kam and the Wisden Cricketer magazine. We stayed in the MCC presidential box which was a special treat, meeting some interesting and generous people and enjoying the luxurious hospitality.

Unfortunately play was rained off early but this didn’t spoil the day.

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