merrily we roll along

went to see Ellen’s play in Manchester

was a great success, the set and costume obviously getting a lot of praise with some very talented young performers.


I am getting settled back into work and having to detox slightly. Starting preparations for dads 60th birthday which we are hosting.



One thought on “merrily we roll along”

  1. I’ve enjoyed hearing about your frenetic summer of travel and music – thanks for all your interesting blogs, and belated thanks to Raj as well for his description of your hair-raising journey to Switzerland.
    It must be hard to get back to work, but maybe satisfying as well. I’ve been doing some work in Cape Town where I stayed with my friends Peter and Sue Folb. Peter has done a lot of work for the WHO and is another admirer of your dad. How great that you are hosting his 60th birthday celebrations.
    Warm wishes to you and Ellen, and I hope to see you again before too long,

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