an amusing voice recognition transcription

Photos of the wedding have been uploaded on Flickr.

This is the voice recognition transcription (it is inaccurate because we are speaking fast and in slang)  of a conversation I had with my brother just now, I found it particularly amusing:

“This is the e-mail thread was that both rear light some serviceable faces like a future that is I don’t feel it clear it is a weather from they hear they get weather as the thinking is to be handed to liberty they think about 40 there’s not a IMHO you are because seriously code this figure has contacted on Michael Murphy never the wedding either yet Bernard Smedley Devils and it was fighting wasn’t very isolated if you are I guess I Baddow in their everyday as Gogol Charlotte business been deducted in a sharp pain six Adam Wheeler Sweden and her then rigid this is yet
another reboot into an easy read after some higher than iPod bit weak I wonder how to read out about me in and I just had like those is the perfect music to step of using fake out of three peak hour and I was likely but came up a large tree down I will hear that she only got out of the other clear by Scott Shipyard got on the wall ofnot down to the effect that it are well into her is whether sufficient intake in developing countries make the update will get my ears by Merv has like is a biker like that you accuse biker makes an early lead and its citizenry — it is another matter and alternatively you will tour the Pearl Jam deep purple or issued bans any firm or is it got really get ready for a story that you hear about it makes that you are done here is that for reading my trash and I surely want to do with multiple discuss a plan that an aliquot swam Tim Savage but there are more and more air in a way that financing and I’ve got my circle maker that still nice to see the touch of a few I’m semi-semi-mobile ballet featuring conductor Sir like a gay self L cues given a photo is an honourable man BAe bid I need to do is money as I shouldn’t guess I should we take every self-motivated much cigarettes now they’re back in etween me and Pete, I find it difficult to explain the issue to him.”

Made me chuckle anyway!


2 thoughts on “an amusing voice recognition transcription”

  1. LOLOL funny… hope you’re all doing well!! Miss that down to earth feeling I had with you all…

    Keep well Tom – you’re doing good.. just trying to get my lazy backside in gear to do at least a 10th of what YOU do… bless.

    loads of love and hugs to the whole “team” and keep the fun and that love going. .it suits you all. Hope to see you all again!


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