what started off as a relaxed quiet day at paleo, after solving some ticket trouble, became another long night. We went early and spent some time eating with family and some family friends at the Indian village before seeing Tracy Chapman, a regular favourite at paleo. After more family time drinking and chatting, dad Gillian Lucas and Josie headed home and we moved up to La retour tent for the first time this year to see Kate wax and her Bjork like electronica.

Caravan Palace were next up at the club tent, with the crazy fusion of jazz, swing and electronica (going to try to catch them again today, Sunday). They really got the crowd going and played some amazing music (a band of about 10 people all with traditional jazz/swing instruments, plus a couple of people with electronic kit).

We skipped another rock group and just waited for the next act in the club tent, Data. This was another incredible DJ who started mayhem in the club tent. It all gets a bit hazy after this but I’ve been reminded that we went into the camping village, we woke up vicci (who previously went to sleep in the car while we were in the club tent) and stayed until it closed, at around this time my wheelchair decided it was too tired to carry on and slowed to a snail’s pace. We had some interesting times in getting me back to the car and then back into bed.


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