leading up to paleo 09

while we are waiting for my friend Raj’s account of the eventful journey out to Switzerland, I will give a short account of the first few days at my dad’s newly adapted house.

We arrived very early on Sunday morning and slept until early afternoon after having some trouble getting down the  stair lift (ellen eventually worked out the wheelchair needed to be as close to the chair lift mechanism as possible to avoid excessive leverage effects , namely misalignment of the chairlift on its running rail causing it to stop). The day was spent relaxing with family and children, meeting Charlotte the nanny and learning her experienced methods of childcare, everyone else swimming, playing badminton, football.

We tested the amazing roll a ramp solution which takes me up on to the patio, and it works like a charm. I have to be careful coming down forward as the rear wheels of the chair fishtail when I turn, so I have started coming down backwards.The evening involved Lucas watching DVDs and Josephine watching the adults having a drink or two. ahem…
the next day, Monday involved much the same during the morning and early afternoon, I enjoyed a power shower from two girls in bikinis (such are the strains of swimming-pool life) and then we were preparing for the basement housewarming party.
This was a chance to celebrate the incredible adaptions that Gillian and Dad have made to the basement and the rest of the house to enable me to stay here. Many incredible people came and said hello, it was a great chance to catch up with a lot of old friends and people who have given support. The event was really enjoyable, if slightly surreal, it felt great that everyone was so supportive of progress in my new life. Unfortunately I didn’t talk to everyone and some people probably stayed in the background (like Jose, who used to give us the ultimate Verbier back route tours). Hopefully I will get the chance to catch up with all these great people again, some through the paleo week. Times like these make me appreciate how much love people have for my dad, in and out of work, and as people always say, how he really is unique in what he can do at work and how much he can and will change in the world.

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  1. Hey Tom – I know what you mean about “surreal” I felt it too – fact is, at the end of the day it was so simple and beautiful and I am thankful that we got to meet you, Ellen and friends – at last! I am truly grateful for this because it was so different from a “normal” working week. I was impressed by the renovations your dad and Gillian made, so cool there.. I hope you’re sleeping well in this heat!!

    Thanks for everything and being there for us… as I said to Jaime and Vicci – “We’ll ramp it out” (my house) – I have to win the lottery in the meantime……

    Yes your dad is a special person indeed. I honestly wish there were more people like him….

    Keep well now and I hope to see you again!!!!

    hugs and love to all of you,

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