it’s been a while, some photos up on the Flickr account of the bed and Scotland, Ellen and I are enjoying the comforts of the new bed. The routine of having to carers is greatly liberating but take some getting used to, fortunately we have some great assistance so getting used to being around each other all the time becomes easier. Visiting John in Scotland was such a pleasure, the whole family are so warm it made it all feel easy. And amazingly beautiful holiday destination with a viewof Sweetheart Abbey from the house. John lives in dumfries. Looking forward to paleo Festival and lots of other live music in the summer.

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  1. Tomcrow,

    Really nice photos of Scotland. Very clear skies – Australia is coming into Winter now so not as nice here, believe it or not.

    Awesome that you enjoyed yourself up north. Great to see that John Stewart’s eyebrows have grown back after the bonfire explosion over Christmas. he he he… that was awesome.

    Have you thought about trying to get to the ‘Big Chill’ festival over the summer? Paleo will be large.


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