double bed and folk music

folk concert

we have finally ordered a dual 6′ x 6′ 6 divan in white with a vertical riser on one side, each side of the bed is fully profiling and mattresses are pressure relieving memory foam to reduce the chance of pressure marking the skin. We chose a white bed with drawers underneath one side to maximise storage capability which we are lacking. It was a close choice between a more contemporary style wooden beech frame which was a nice shape but slightly less practical without the drawers and may not have gone well with the decor of the room (dark wooden furniture).

all thanks to the generous provision of funding. Much much appreciated.

The first public performance in the Pavilion went very well and I’m looking forward to another performance in Witney jointly in aid of the Pavilion and the exuberant trusts. The performance in Witney will be a “folk mixed with other types of music” concert which sounds very interesting to me, everyone welcome.

Ellen is well and we are keeping each other happy, I’m investigating methods of getting to Switzerland via train as my dad and stepmother Gillian have made an amazing adaptation to the basement of the house near Geneva to accommodate Ellen and I.

Work is going extremely well, lots of responsibility and challenges, trying to make some very disparate ideas work together in a convincing way. Lots of learning new (Linux-based routing) communication programming ideas and software engineering processes.

Finally working towards having some really good regular personal assistance to oil the gears of life, thank you to Rachel and Vicci, two of the one in 1 million perfect PA’s. Travelling up to Scotland for Easter with Ellen’s dads family, Ellen’s generous dad making huge steps to accommodate me as usual. We are looking forward to that greatly.

Hopefully getting my new wheelchair soon, the present one is as rickety as ever. Decided to start listening to podcasts on the way to work, preferably ones which will be educational. Any suggestions welcome. Going to use a program called floola to load stuff onto the iPod, I think itunes is a little bit evil and I refuse to be forced to use it.

Bring on the springx