a little poem…

a little poem I thought of last night and some photos on the Flickr account of the beautiful snow we’ve had recently.




shattered like a pigeon made of clay,

gunshot of a weary man his 20th today,

people helping collect fragments as I bumble across the rough terrain,

navigating  with only eyes to see my way,

gunman shooting over my shoulder,

I get bolder the further away.

One thought on “a little poem…”

  1. Tom, You don’t know me. I know your dad, David, from work at WHO. My husband had a brain hemorrhage at age 39 and was quadriplegic as a result (couldn’t talk or swallow), so I have some idea of what your family and friends have gone through. Just want you to know that I check your website often, think of you more often, and it has been feeling weird that I can “see” bits of you without your knowing it. So I’m posting this to say that I know there are so many things in your “new” life that others can’t understand, that it’s often the daily otherwise trivial stuff that gets one down, etc. Keep pushing for the double bed. Ellen will find so many silver linings amidst the horrid dark clouds, but it is so, so, so tough for both of you I’m sure. Your recent poem moved me to tears. Susan

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