thank you

Nikki Park kindly raised and donated a substantial sum through the Springwell horse and pony show to help me and in my disorganised state I have just found the letter, I would like to thank her and all involved for their support.  I’m hoping to put the money towards a set of curtains for the pavilion.  The development at the pavilion is coming along great, it houses my servers and I’m waiting for an electrically adjustable height desk to make the office space truly functional.  I would also like to thank access to work for their continued support in helping me pursue my career.

Unfortunately I have forgotte where  I put the photos I promised last but I have a few from Christmas which I will pu On the account.

Love and respect (how John, Ellen’s dad, signs his e-mails, which I like)

a little poem…

a little poem I thought of last night and some photos on the Flickr account of the beautiful snow we’ve had recently.




shattered like a pigeon made of clay,

gunshot of a weary man his 20th today,

people helping collect fragments as I bumble across the rough terrain,

navigating  with only eyes to see my way,

gunman shooting over my shoulder,

I get bolder the further away.

developments in January

Working on building a media centre PC which will replace the noisy laptop for playing movies in the bedroom. Pavilion is slowly becoming a very comfortable place, speaker cabling is now almost hidden and looks very discreet. Next up is to get some window shutters/blinds. Work is ramping up and the project planning is in the architectural stage and looks quite daunting at the moment. Still trying to work out ways of gluing various interfaces together.

Ellen is working on a production of high school musical 2, I’m ashamed to say I enjoyed both one and two as we had to watch it for Ellen’s work purposes. The production is in Wales and I will give more details in case anyone is interested in watching it.

We are searching for a suitable bed at the moment I’m still trying to sort through boxes. Slowly slowly….

Best wishes and love to all.