pavilion progress

I have been busy recently, too many little things to chase up on top of work.  Work is starting to get very interesting as project funding has now been cleared and the project manager is getting things going.  We are now at the head scratching phase where we plan implementation and architecture steps, and it’ll be quite a long phase due to the complexity of the project.

Waiting in anticipation for the new fancy wheelchair to enable me at work, trying to organise the pavilion with all the connectivity needed for me to work efficiently.

The parents of Ben Padfield, a friend of whom I have great memories of playing with him and his sister, Muna, running around fields near their home chasing each other, have kindly donated a large amount of money for a sound system in the pavilion.  Ben sadly passed away long before his time, he was very sharp and had a keen interest (and good taste in my opinion) in music.  In Ben’s memory, I have purchased an amazing sound system, mission m-cube’s, and a surround sound amplifier.  The speakers are very small and unobtrusive, keeping the aesthetically pleasing feel of the pavilion whilst providing powerful and good quality sound.  Working alongside Chris, our multitalented neighbour, we are going to rig up a complex system of trunking to hide the wires and keep the pavilion tidy.  I’m glad to report that the acoustics of the pavilion are very good due to the design by Peter Ruthven Hall. Thank You Ben, Alice, Nigel and Muna.  Please visit sometime.

I have been continuing to request funding for the ridiculously priced profiling double bed, but so far to no avail.  I will probably be trying to find private funds for it as I don’t think it’s fair on Ellen to have to wait so long.  I have a very generous offer from a friend to help with this.

I would like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and generosity, sometimes is quite overwhelming. I really appreciate the gifts over Christmas.

We have been having a very nice Christmas period with visitors and trips to the theatre, Oxford to catch up with friends, London to catch up with friends (yesterday I attended a university reunion which was great fun).

I have had some great care over Christmas, unfortunately having to change quite frequently which is difficult as it takes a lot of time for carers to get used to me and vice versa.  Thank you to Maria, Dell,Soo, Frank, Megan, everyone from Charterville, the reliable and incredibly efficient Suzi And Joy, my most recent and hopefully long-term live-in carer.  You all make my life liveable.

Ellen and I are enjoying living together and continue to feel very lucky to have such a wonderful place to live and such support of friends and family.

Best wishes to all