pavilion is pretty much finished:


Even if this is an old photo.  I will put up more recent photos as well as a decent post soon.

Life is very hectic, or it seems so.  Trying to spend every spare minute working to give myself a fighting chance of extending my contract early in January.Ellen has been around a lot which has been lovely and is off to Tenerife this Thursday for a week with her mum and sister.  Her dad visited yesterday and is settling down up in Scotland.

Christmas plans involve lots of relatives visiting Standlake, sometime here with dad’s family and some of Ellen’s

Technology and care continues to be complicated, but that seems to be inevitable.

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me in any way, thank you for the huge amount of money raised for the pavilion, I can’t wait to start working in there I think it will make my time so much more efficient and will open up lots of possibilities for the future.  We are still struggling to meet the bill for the work so any more contributions are more than welcome.

I am now trying hard to obtain charitable funding for a standing powered wheelchair (permobil C500 or 400) which will help in all aspects of life in being able to change my vertical position, specifically at work.  It also entails huge medical benefits in terms of circulation, stretching, reducing the risk of contractures and pressure release.

That’s it from me for the moment, apologies for being so brief and sporadic with the posts.  Best wishes to everyone for the winter season, I think it’s a bit too earlyto be wishing people joyeux noel and all that.

Salutations. Tom


“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent”

” depth is found in the valleys where we seek her, not on the mountain tops where she is found”

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  1. Dear Tom

    I’m so glad to know that all is going well and that the pavilion is nearly finished so that you’ll soon be celebrating another new stage in your life. Given how busy you are these days you shouldn’t feel the need to apologise for less frequent posts.
    It’s great that you still have the energy and time to continue to keep posting at all. I certainly appreciate that.

    This weekend my family is celebrating what would have been the 100th birthday of my husband’s mother. She was a much beloved mother-in-law who contradicted all the stereotypes. She was quite complicated which made life difficult for her, but was extremely loving, generous and appreciative. The following weekend we will be celebrating the naming of our latest grandson, Nathan, who is 4 months old. My mother-in-law’s Hebrew name can be used for boys as well as girls and so Nathan has this as his middle name, which makes a beautiful continuation.

    All my wishes for your good continuation too,


    Warm wishes

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