Hospital checkup was good, CT scan showed there is still air but reduced from post operation scans (and that I had a blocked right nostril).  Renogram results were not ready for discussion, had a productive conversation with the consultant regarding everything from spasms to toe problems to fertility.  She gouged the blood and tissue from the side of my toe and finish the job with silver nitrate which made me feel extremely strange for the rest of the day as my skin burnt, very different approach from the podiatrist (laissez-faire).  Good news about fertility, Dr Graham had a look at my “field” and showed me (which was exciting) the strongest field she had seen in a while and gave me advice on how to keep it that way including good ventilation and not sitting on myself.


Was good to see some of the staff, unfortunately not many of the patients I knew were there (either left or on weekend leave), still managed to spend a lot of time chatting about work/carers etc.


Off to work in a minute, ramping up my knowledge for the project I’m going to do, trying to understand the very well written code of the demonstrator I am going to work with and what the project manager wants me to do with it.  Days are extremely long with the large commute but it is very rewarding being back at work and will be even more so when I feel I am making a contribution.


Great to hear about Oliver’s visit in December, I will have to ask him when he wants me to take holiday.  Looking forward to drunken brotherly revelry.  Sunday 21st of December sounds good for a bonfire, I think the housewarming maybe somewhere in December if the pavilion is complete.


sadly, an ex-fellow patient of Stoke Mandeville, Dan James has passed away.  He was about my age and was a good friend  and chess partner.  Although I didn’t know him very well I thought it was one of the most instantly likeable guys I have met and my commiserations to his family and friends.

2 thoughts on “checkup”

  1. Tom

    Really professional job on the extension, patio and pavillion: comes together nicely.

    Thanks for the blog and feelings about work, I am pleased for you.

    also previous details of transition and carers.

    Here I am about to introduce Czech republic to Guy Fawkes by the river, most are unaware of our earlier terrorist attempts.

    So have a good bonfire, let me know about housewarming in case I am in Uk.


  2. You don’t just have a strong field, but have already made a HUGE inspirational contribution and you are continuing to do so for all of us that care about you.

    More than you are aware of, believe me …

    Make sure that lots of us can invade for the housewarming !

    Tom and the Nyon Clan

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