setting up camp

I’m spending a lot of time thinking and making decisions about the new extension, so many things to consider. Also trying to get the necessary equipment and funding and working with all the care agencies and the primary care trust to make sure everything goes well with regard to care.

Meeting next week with my prospective manager, haven’t really had time to focus on much with relation to this, I’m hoping he will give me a few pointers that I can work on.

It seems like there are so many things to do and improve all the time, with regard to everything including wheelchairs, carers, computers, automating tasks, becoming more independent in various ways, keeping lungs clear, keeping limbs stretched, keeping brain stretched, keeping in contact with people, facebook (yes it needs its own category), e-mails, creating a decent network at home, extension decisions, transferring techniques, trying to drink enough (3 L a day is recommended if prone to bladder infections), remembering to wear splints, trying to get my standing frame, trying to get a cough assist machine, training new carers to do things the way I would like them done, learning from new carers as to how they do things. There seems like a never-ending list and I had to get other people to do most of it which seems so unfair.

There we go, my rant is over.

The extension is going very well, structurally it is complete, just waiting for floor to properly dry out then we get the vinyl, carpet and tiling on and then start furnishing it. The ceiling track hoist should go on mid-September. The patio outside is completed and is looking pristine. We have just chosen kitchen floor, worktop and unit colour schemes as well as the bathroom tile design.


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  1. Yow, that’s quite a pile on your plate there, kid. But what’s so cool, from this perspective, is that you’re dealing with it, fractionating it into manageable and prioritized lists and categories, and lining up the resources you need to create the outcomes you want – and that, my friend, is a grown up getting on with his life and I’m so damn proud of you about that I could just about, errr, bust. Really looking forward to seeing you and all the new developments at the Limes soon. I know Ollie’s around for a bit, which will be fun, too, but is Ellen still off busy in Wales? I hope I’ll get to see a bit of her, too.
    See you Monday, I hope.
    Keep the shiny side up.

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