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Settling in to the limes

after getting back from Switzerland I spent a week in hospital readying myself for discharge, saying good bye, meeting and training carers, clarify medication, arranging checkups and finalising equipment.  I then left hospital last Friday with my new live-in carer Lubos, who is great fun and learns very quickly.  Unfortunately he is going on holiday towards the end of August for a few weeks and it is not certain as to whether he will continue working with me afterwards.  Since Friday I have been getting used to carers from Charterville care agency who provide care for two hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon (to relieve the live-in carer) and an hour in the evening.  This alongside the constant presence of a live-in carer is an interesting adjustment to make for Ellen and I while transitioning to life together in our new home.  We have been deciding on colour schemes, flooring, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom layouts for the extension which is a pleasant experience for us as a young couple.  I suppose it is not common nowadays for a young twentysomething couple to be choosing furnishings for their own new house, I’m extremely thankful to my mum, dad and everyone else who contributed to this new lodging and the Pavilion.  I’m so lucky to have a comfortable space in which to continue my life, a luxury not everyone in a similar situation to me has.

I am also indebted to all the hospital staff (physiotherapists, occupational therapists, my consultant and surgeon- Dr Graham and Dr Jamous, all the doctors and nurses and HCA’s, domestic staff and housekeepers, ventilator technician Jeff) who worked very hard to get me discharged on time and helped me recover from the operation to remove the metal work which was causing the ongoing infection, all the carers-Suzi and Lubos-the live-in carers who have made this transition possible and worked far beyond their required capacity to help me out, my mum and Ellen who have been there for me unquestionably whenever I needed them and supported me in every possible way.  I would like to give special thanks to the nurses and HCA’s of St Davids and St Andrews, there are too many really special people who have helped me from these wards to mention, thank you from the bottom of my heart. 2

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  1. Home Sweet Home sounds good and corny… but it is a real joy to know you are out of hospital and buzzing about getting on with your life. Last weekend was a celebration both of your homecoming and your 24th birthday – this weekend we hope Oliver will bring some sunshine with him from Oz , and Polly will be back from Majorca, briefly, before she heads off for Levanto. It won’t be long before your house is ready for you – I am only too glad you’re there to encourage the builders. They have been working really hard towards the original 14-week target date today, Oliver’s birthday – but the rain has been relentless and they are as disappointed as we are . . Coraggio all.. . Love from Susie

  2. Tom, I am SOOOO happy for Ellen and you – what an amazing new step !!!

    It is wonderful to know that you have moved on from a permanent hospital environment to creating your very own future – please let me know when your new home is ready to receive visitors, we will celebrate with an Indian carry-out and a revenge in chess …

    I cannot wait

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