Under Doctor’s Orders

Tom asked me to update everyone with his latest news:

“I met my surgeon on Friday and he says the only way to get rid of the infection in my neck is to remove the Titanium plate. I am due to have the operation later today – Tuesday July 1st. Rather short notice, but it seems that it is essential, so here goes again. I am back to St Andrew’s Ward tonight. More news in a day or two”.

14.15 message from Susie “Tom is awake with a very sore throat but fine in every way. Surgeon happy. Me too”

6 thoughts on “Under Doctor’s Orders”

  1. We are all thinking mega-positive thoughts for your neckbones, wishing the surgical team a very sure touch and sending love to everyone who considers themselves family.
    Barbara, Kaveri and Elinor

  2. Thanks so much for your mother’s message and your Guardian Angel!

    The Paleo Festival will have to wait for 2009…
    Thursday 3rd July is the Feast Day for Saint Thomas…
    Bonne fête for Thursday!

    Je t’embrasse

  3. The Ernst Clan thinks of you and is with you, Tom

    We know that you will rebound, yet again …

    Kick this neckbone infection once and for all, if the surgeon is happy so are we.

    A smile from Nyon,


  4. Dear Tom

    We are very glad to hear that the op went well and send our love and best wishes.
    Keep strong and you will beat this infection.

    Joy, Tony, Kate, Rose and Henry

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