Saturday June 7th 2008

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Pictures from Today
First row:
Oliver, Tom, Ellen and Polly in Standlake
Tom and Ellen in front of their new building
Tom and Ellen (twice)
Second Row:
Tom looks at the site of his bedroom
Ellen took this picture of Tom
Polly, Michael and Oliver

2 thoughts on “Saturday June 7th 2008”

  1. Oh, yes – the joys of building your house … Always the problems with coming in on time and within budget. But your energy will get you there soon.

    Can you please post some pictures of Ellen’s exhibition?

    GREAT work on getting to turn pages and the computer mouse – this is SO important, please be very patient and stick with it since it will both help you much in the future!

    I am VERY happy that the job at Roke worked out, congratulations! This is a good first step and you will do very well going forward, I have no doubt.

    Thank you for your long postings, we all love reading them!

    See you soon @ Palio in Nyon,


    PS: you look really great at the Regain charity dinner …

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