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3I had an interview with ITV Thames Valley today, the program will be aired tomorrow at 6 p.m. and I think you can catch it on their website for 10 days afterwards.

I have been advertising for a carer, and my care profile is complete. I now have a personal assistant working for me during the week, she is called Suzi and things are working very well. My day has become much more productive, and I seem to be eating much better as she is a good cook.2
construction work should start this Monday on the extension and the Pavilion, drainage work first.

Still in the ongoing battle to receive direct payments so I can control my care package, this in the end might involve creating a company to act on my behalf from which I can control my care funding.

I have been fighting a toe infection over the past couple of weeks, but apart from that I’m feeling pretty well during the day.

This is my care profile for anyone that’s interested:

Live-in Personal Care Assistant (accommodation provided) for an energetic 23 year old tetraplegic electronic and computer engineer

Location: near Witney, Oxfordshire

Start Date: Immediate


I am a verbally independent 23 year old tetraplegic (paralysed from the shoulders down with no arm or leg movement) following an accident sustained in April 2007. My medical condition has stabilized though I experience intermittent neck discomfort as a consequence of surgical interventions to stabilize my cervical vertebrae. I am a goal-oriented and determined young man, an effective communicator (both verbally and in writing) and have an outgoing personality. I have been trained as an electronic engineer and has strong computer skills: I graduated with a first class degree from Brunel University in 2007 . I plan to pursue employment opportunities during 2008 – 09 with a Research and Development Company. I enjoy my social life (visits to clubs, pubs, cinema and theatre with his friends) and watching football both live and on the television.

Personal Care needs:

I require 24 hour live-in personal care assistance and help with specific tasks including washing, oral hygiene, getting dressed and moving from my bed to a power wheelchair (which I control using a head switch mechanism) and back again with the aid of a power hoist. I require help with purchasing, preparing and cooking food and drinks, with eating and drinking, with writing and handling papers, washing clothes, cleaning my immediate surroundings, and all other manual tasks. I need intermittent neck massage and passive movements of my limbs. I have to be helped to get into and out of his specially adapted vehicle and to be driven and accompanied to events. Occasionally I need help to connect together parts of my computer system (attach cables or press buttons), and I am fully capable of giving all required instructions.

Current requirement :

I seek one key member of my Personal Care Assistance team. He or she will live in at my residence (near Witney in Oxfordshire) full-time or part-time, and provide personal care assistance Thursday PM through to Monday AM. Respite periods during the day could be arranged if required but depend on the availability of cover. I would like to find someone who is healthy and physically fit, has personal care experience, wants to work with a sociable young adult, enjoys preparing nutritious and appetizing meals, has a clean driving license, and is not frightened of computers. It would help me greatly if he or she has previously cared for someone with a spinal injury and possesses basic massage skills. Further training will be available to the selected candidate. The person I am looking for would also be interested in electronic music and clubbing, and be willing – occasionally – to spend long nights out partying.

April 17th 2008

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And this is my letter requesting direct payments from my primary care trust (pct) :

11 St Margaret’s Road



March 27th 2008

Re Thomas Adam Nabarro: Age 23: Request for Direct Payment of Continuing Care Costs

I was involved in an accident on April 3rd which resulted in severe injury to my spinal cord, leading to paralysis from below the shoulders. A metal plate was inserted in my neck to stabilize the damaged vertebrae: this became detached after four months and was replaced. I am diagnosed as a C4-complete tetraplegic. I have been a patient at the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital since mid-April 2007.

I am an active 23-year-old, determined to continue living in a productive and vibrant manner including the continuation of my professional career. In July 2007 I graduated with a first class degree in electronic and microelectronic engineering, and am pursuing employment opportunities with a research and development company. My medical condition is now stable and I have been cleared for discharge by the end of April 2008. I’m close to securing suitable accommodation and have obtained mobility assistance.

I am extremely grateful to the Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust for agreeing to cover all the costs of my continuing care. I shall be entirely dependent on personal care assistants as I seek to organize my daily living, work and social life, and – therefore – enhance my standard of living. Because of the degree of my dependence, the choice of assistants will influence the extent to which I can control my life and have a major impact on the success of my reintegration. In addition, I shall wish to manage their hours of work and responsibilities in a flexible manner. I also want to be able to oversee all decisions relating to my personal care and to have as much control over my finances and accounts as possible. This ability to handle as many aspects of my life as possible would increase my self-confidence and independence.

During my rehabilitation I have met persons who are willing to fulfil my caring and personal assistance needs. At least one of these is ideal for fulfilling these important roles. For the reasons stated above, I would like to be in a position to choose those who I employ, and the conditions under which they are employed. I am therefore requesting the Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust to cover my continuing care costs through the Direct Payment Scheme.

However, I understand that Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust now prefers to provide personal care through care agencies and not to make Direct Payments to individuals who need this care, as was previously possible. The use of a care agency in my case would reduce both the level to which I am able to control my personal care and the flexibility of my care assistance. I have no intention of requesting any personal care assistants to work under unacceptable conditions, but consider that I would be better able to improve my standard of living if I attend to the administration of my care myself.

Please would you consider my request for continued care funding from the Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust to be supplied through the direct payments scheme.

Yours sincerely,

Tom Nabarro


I have resumed work on the mouse switch project, and I’ve received the access to work report which requires minor modifications before it can be sent to the employer and we can try and arrange a technical meeting to discuss my future role at the company.

I hope everyone is well, it’s nice to have some sun in the UK and is starting to bring out my freckles. I will put some more photographs up soon.

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  1. Thanks for all your news Tom and keeping us all up to date with things.
    ITV Thames Valley doesn’t function in France but I enjoyed reading the interview you gave in Oxford.

    Please take care of your feet. There are nasty bugs called clostridium difficile in hospitals !!
    My mother was a chiropodist. As a child and until we were wise enough to be left on our own during the school holidays my sister and I would accompany mother to Tiptree in Essex – world famous for it’s jam. Mother had an afternoon session in an old peoples social center. My sister and I would prepare the cotton wool balls or else play dominoes with the elderly pensioners. We traveled by Eastern National green bus.

    The paleo music festival site is absolutely marvelous especially with regard to prevention of excessive alcohol consumption and being very ecologically minded. The program sounds great.

    Good luck for Roke Manor and I hope you obtain your direct payment for your continuing care costs.
    At the same time I think you should get involved in politics and be a consultant for the physically handicapped. Highly intelligent attentive,exceptional and assertive people who know what they are talking about by personal experience are I fear hard to come by in this domain.

    Hope Grandfather Michael is well.
    Take care

  2. Hi Tom,
    We’ve never met and I’ve been following your website since last year so I wanted to say hello. You always sound incredibly positive but at the same time you look life straight in the face. Impressive!

    Best wishes

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