Looking up

Looking up

Good luck to Chrissie on Sunday in running the marathon, I hope it’s good weather for you. Please sponsor Chrissie to help the pavilion.

my friend Tim Rushby-Smith launched his book yesterday evening entitled “looking up” at Waterstones in Islington.  I was attempting to be there but couldn’t arrange transport in time which is a real shame.  I can’t wait to read the book, he is a very funny guy and has some great views on dealing with disability.  Talking of which I met my friend’s dad, who is blind from a stroke, for the first time in 2 1/2 years the other day and it wa an interesting feeling because I felt I could empathise with him on some level and I remember my thoughts of how I would deal with/or not deal with losing my sight when I met him before my accident.  We talked about people’s miss assumptions and how usually the disabled person is less sensitive to it than the individual who made the assumption, examples are people trying to shake my hand and speaking very loudly to me (or to someone who is obviously blind).

Quite a lot has been going on since my last post, I have been spending a lot of time with my dad and Ellen is off university this week so I get pleasure of her company. Chrissy is soon to do the marathon and I am excited at the prospect of going to see it, best of luck to her and many thanks. Last Thursday I, my dad and a personal assistant travelled to Cardiff to watch a show designed by Ellen’s friend Molly, Chekhov’s three sisters, which was brilliant. Thursday night we stayed at Ellen’s house in Verity’s room (one of Ellen’s housemate’s kindly let me stay in her room), we saw another brilliant play designed by another friend, Tom Moore, and then in the evening we saw Ellen’s play, Splendour, which was a real pleasure to watch and the acting was of a very high standard.

Since then I have been to Winchester where we met up with old friends and we went to the Magic Flute in London, which was very enjoyable.

The main occupation of my time has been with the usual tasks of pursuing care funding, writing letters, care profile to advertise for my care, keeping an eye on the extension developments, looking out for accommodation options and working on employment opportunities.

Planning to go to paleo music festival in the summer which will require lots of planning but is a good target project.


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  1. Hi Tom, and greetings from a cold and windswept Bangor. I drove up through Wales today from Bristol to see an old friend and we have been talking non-stop and drinking too much red wine – familiar I am sure! Its been ages since I was in touch and much has happened – I have been back in hopsital myself and then my Dad became very ill and died in early February. I am so glad that I was able to see him a lot in the weeks before. It is great to hear all your news and your thoughts on life and work and living arrnagements in the future. I hope to come and see you and Susie soon, love to you and Ellen and all the family xxx

  2. Hey tom, dunno if u remember me, drunk irish one from uni lol, was just chattin ben there and he told me about your accident and i just wanted to say hi, i know i’m a bit late on the batter lol but u know us irish, backwards(apart from raj obviously)
    its real good to see ur doing so well, been a long time, even longer as it took me a full half an hour to figure out how to leave a msg!lol, hope to chat to u again. xx (sorry if i did this wrong!)

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