Chrissie running the London Marathon in aid of the Pavilion Trust..

Here’s a message from Chrissie Verduyn, a very good friend of my mum’s (& she’s my brother’s godmother). She is very generously and courageously running the London Marathon in aid of the Pavilion Trust.  Best wishes and gratitude to her – thanks very much, Chrissie:

“I know that I was only going to run the marathon once, but…….
This year’s event is on April 13. My training is going well and I am hopeful that if uninjured and free of colds I will make it to the start line.
I am fund raising for Tom Nabarro, the son of my friend Susie Graham-Jones. Tom sustained a serious neck injury in a snow-boarding accident last April. He is still mostly at the Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville hospital, but will soon be discharged to his grandfather’s house in Standlake, where a small extension is being built for him. 

Additional funds are needed to build the Pavilion, a specially adapted and equipped work and social space for Tom, who is a computer engineer.
The building will also be used as a venue for charity concerts and events.
Having this extra space will make a great difference to Tom’s quality of life.

If you would like to sponsor my run, then you could send me a cheque made out to the Pavilion Trust ; or you could make a direct payment to the account below, & email me or Susie to let us know you’ve done so – (

PAVILION TRUST account : HSBC sort code 40-35-35
Account number : 91392654
Thanks for any support. We will keep you posted!


I had a great Easter weekend, and watched Arsenal versus Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on Sunday.The atmosphere was very intense and the football very enjoyable.  A big thank you to Michael Mosselmans for the tickets and the opportunity.         

One thought on “Chrissie running the London Marathon in aid of the Pavilion Trust..”

  1. Chrissie – good luck on your run!

    Tom – you don’t know me – that’s probably a blessing on your side! lol but been reading about your new wheels and your worry about your hair being good in the oxford Mail! – Keep up the positive attitude and it’s fine to worry about what you hair looks like!(I worry about bits between my teeth! ha ha!) good luck with the wheels! – am I safe to be on the pavements oin Oxfordshire? wishing Chrissie lots of luck with her run – will sponsor her when I get two minutes to sort it out.

    stay well and hope you are home soon – bet the food is bad!!

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