27th of February

Just getting over another infection, been in bed for a little bit and Internet has been down for a while which is annoying.  The new wheelchair is working well, going to have adjustments made tomorrow and will hopefully be able to fit the mini computer to it soon.  I’ve been working on employment opportunities and carers, decided to have a personal assistant during the days in hospital in order to make them more productive for me, and have a meeting with care agencies and social worker next week to proceed with funding care packages for long-term.  Also thinking of trying to move out to an interim housing location as the extension will take a long time and I would like to get out of hospital.  Had a great day today with dad and Polly, went to pizza express in Aylesbury.    2
dscn0331.JPG27 Feb 2008 Tom and Polly 127 February 2008 Tom and Polly 227 February 2008 Tom and Polly 327 February 2008 Tom and Polly 4
28 February 2008 Wheelchair adjustment at Oxford Centre for Enablement (head controlled tipping and 4 gear shift etc)
28 February 2008 Wheelchair adjustment at Oxford Centre for Enablement (head controlled tipping and 4 gear shift etc

3 thoughts on “27th of February”

  1. Too bad about the infection, but everything else sounds brilliant. I imagine Pizza Express is a welcome change from the hospital fare.

    All the best on your search for short-term solutions awaiting the completion of the construction project. Although planning out all of these arrangements for care and accommodation probably has tedious aspects, I would think it is also quite stimulating. Looking forward to some pictures.


  2. Tom,

    In view of the forthcoming local elections in France there is a fantastic new campaign to encourage the handicapped to become the equivalent of county councellors.

    There are two different A4 page photographs.

    1: Roosevelt: Il a été élu 4 fois Président des Etats-Unis,
    Il a sorti son pays de la crise économique,
    Il à remporté la 2ème guerre mondiale
    et tout ça assis.

    L’histoire à prouvé que les personnes handicapées pouvaient faire de la politique,
    Ouvrons-leur les listes électorales pour les municipales.

    2: Yalta : Une personne handicapée s’est glissée parmi ces hommes politiques.

    Did you know that Roosevelt suffered from Guillain-Barré syndrome and not polyiomyelitis as previously believed ?

    Am sending the pictures to your email.


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