steppingstones to more mobility

On Friday I was in Cardiff and watched two stunning performances directed by professionals but created by students of the Royal Welsh College of music and drama, a matinee of fireface and then West side story in the evening. Both of the set designers and costume designers are in Ellen’s class, Jennifer Lee and Oliver Townsend’s sets were incredible. Jenny creating a wonderful dirty steel scape straight from a downtown urban back alley in New York, using a wonderful bridge idea spanning the stage enabling stage dynamics not usually possible with such a heavy duty set. Olly’s set was more minimalist and of lower -budget, used a brilliant abstract technique implementing Perspex screens, clever lighting and a grid array of chairs to illustrate explosive emotional scenes.
Spend the rest of the weekend at my granddad’s house relaxing with my dad, mum, granddad and Ellen. Was trying to let E work, and played grandad at chess.
Monday I tried out the grandstand, a device which straps you in to a standing position and needed to be adjusted for my lanky frame and lack of upper back muscles. I also gave my lungs a workout. Today (Tuesday) I went to Oxford and was fitted with the new chair which is controlled by switches behind and the side of the head
This is painful training for the neck muscles, but well worth it in my opinion, as it reduces the need for large control devices in front of the face. Next step is to get a chair which lifts me into a standing position and of course environmental controls, attached telephone and computer etc.
Also progressed with potential funding for carers including weekend leave, have another meeting next week to clarify this. I am in the middle of applying for access to work to help assess needed adjustments and assistance if I was to work.
Over all very enjoyable times, glad to spend lots of time with Family and Ellen, with Much-Needed Quality Time with Dad.
Best Wishes to All

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  1. Dear Tom

    This is all wonderful news – thanks for keeping us up to date. I’m so glad to hear everything that you’ve been doing (you’ve been getting out and about more than most of us!) and all your plans for life after Stoke Mandeville. I loved the photos too, especially you as a Berber chieftan, but please enlighten us about the mountainous blanket!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Dear Tom,

    It’s always a great pleasure to see more photos and have news from you.
    I will be sending you a Foil First-Aid blanket as soon as I can to prevent you from any risk of hypothermia for future matches in the unpredictable English weather conditions. It’s light weight but efficient and wraps up like a large handkerchief !
    In France when the weather is bad everyone makes fun of me and say that it’s typical English weather which I should be accustomed to !
    The apparatus you talk about to put you into a “standing position” is another step forward and you couldn’t have entitled your latest “news ” any better.

    My eldest son D.Emmanuel 21 yrs.old is in Germany on a six month work placement with his university.
    J. Alexandre 19 yrs.old left home last Sep. to study as far a way as possible! He will be home next weekend as the “internat” is closed for school holidays so the poor boy has no choice !
    Keep up the good work!
    Love Marie

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