I went to see England versus Switzerland yesterday, which was a great experience, Wembley was very disabled friendly, apart from having to pay £25 for disabled parking.  It was extremely close to the venue and directly next to the VIP parking, but I disagree with having to pay over the odds parking when close proximity to the venue is a necessity. They were very friendly and there was ample lifts and good visibility seating.  England played a good game under their new manager, considering this was a newly moulded team, and came out victorious 2:1 winners.  There were close to 90,000 spectators, a very good turn out for a friendly, and the atmosphere was very warm apart from the occasional overtly negative comments.  The food was expensive, getting out of the car park took some time, but I thoroughly enjoyed my first new Wembley experience.  The extensive police presence was comforting, not least for the Switzerland fans I should think, and the staff were very friendly.

I have been going out to the pub, and visiting my grandad’s for weekends.  I have an assessment from a care agency next week, which should bring me closer to acquiring care funding.  I also have an assessment with the wheelchair service which should enable me to have a close-fitting powered wheelchair, as the present one is a bit oversized and uncomfortable.  I have had some long spine x-rays which have shown some room for improvement in terms of posture, which can now be addressed in physiotherapy.  I am starting to be able to manipulate my arm using my deltoids to turn pages (with difficulty) using a mobile arm support.  This is very fatiguing and slow, but very satisfying.  My discharge date has been postponed as the 13th of February was unrealistic to to my unstable health (dizzy spells, low blood pressure etc), this is encouraging as it will mean continued health care, physio and occupational therapy for a little while.  I will continue to try and spend as much time outside hospital at grandad’s and elsewhere as possible.  My neck continues to improve in stamina and strength, but I have acknowledged that this may take a while considering the extended time it has been inactive.

I am going to apply for access to work funding to enable me to try to commence work and continue to work on projects including the USB switch mouse, experimenting with different types of eye control for computer, in combination with speech recognition, environmental control possibilities (radio and infrared controlled) and minicomputers/phone devices.

For an interesting technology, search for i-bot on Google.

Oliver is safely grounded in Australia (Sydney), working honest hours.  Polly is having fun and studying at Sussex successfully, mum is helping me arrange things, helping with Michael’s affairs as well as working too much.  Dad is flying about as usual and visiting me this weekend, and Ellen is working too many hours at university producing magnificent sets for theatre productions (two similar productions I am going to see today).


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