January 19 – 20

We had a great weekend in Standlake – Tom, Ellen, Hazel, Raj with Michael, Susie and me intermittently. We sat and talked, watched films, ate supper, walked in the rain, watched a film and had a great time. Full set of photos is in the flickr collection (go to sidebar or to www.flickr.com/tnabarro)

2 thoughts on “January 19 – 20”

  1. Tom

    long absence from viewing your activities, but you never disappoint me !
    It is always a joyful experience to open the site and see happy laughing photos.
    I have rapidly changed jobs and now find myself executive director of the british chamber of commerce Czech Republic. Huge scope with trade, educational, economic and political facets.
    It was in crisis, as a break a way group of former directors started a rival British Business Forum ( their name in capitals ). So a lot of press coverage as well about the war between the Brits !
    keep them coming


  2. Dear Tom,

    Rumor has it that you have not been feeling all too well lately and I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and sending you lots of energy and health vibes.


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