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I seem to have a habit of writing very intermittent posts, seems strange to me that being incapacitated could be such a busy affair. Nonetheless I have been keeping myself busy programming, scripting, browsing, watching lots of movies (of which no country for an old man is a recent favourite), discussing standard funding and related discharge issues, developing USB mouse emulator and thinking. I’m going to the theatre on Thursday to see the history boys with a friend which should be fun, and have been enjoying visits to grandads house and Ellen’s dad’s house near Winchester.

Ellen’s dad has raised an extremely large amount of cash through asking his clients to donate to the pavilion trust as Christmas gestures, which has been incredible, and has also bought two hoists which is very generous of him.

Spent a very nice day with mum today, sorting out papers, finances etc. I have been doing hydrotherapy twice a week, which is good fun although I get very cold when I get out and find it difficult to recover to a decent temperature for a long time afterwards, it’s a nice feeling being in the water, I have always loved it but is now slightly different experience. I’m getting fed up with not being able to move myself round, I really can’t wait until I’ve got my power chair back. Also then I can start working on getting a mini computer fitted and working with environmental controls.

My collar should be off first week of February, and antibiotics finished by the end. Provisional discharge date is set for the 13th of February although I think this might be slightly optimistic as there are still funding issues and accommodation issues to sort out. I can’t wait to have a decent Internet connection and an external IP address so I can do everything remotely and properly sort out my computers.

I have been thinking a lot about personal assistants recently, and have had a great offer from a good friend to help me with various tasks during the week when I’m released into the wild. There are various nurses and healthcare assistants who I would love to employ as my personal assistants, and this may be possible although requires more diligence on my part than using an agency. It’s such an important decision that I really need to make care with and therefore I’m spending a lot of time thinking about it.

Another important aspect will be to be able to travel freely, as I will be based out in the sticks, and will need to be able to travel into London or Oxford to see friends and maintain my sanity (what’s left of it). So I will look for a personal assistant who can drive as well.

Hope everyone is well, seems like a busy time of year for most people, best wishes.2

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  1. Dear Tom

    I’ve been out of touch as we’ve been in India for the last three weeks. One of the first things I did on getting back was to catch up on your news and another was to read the late Christmas cards that came while we were away. One was from a friend whose daughter Hilary is quadriplegic, telling us about Hilary’s latest exploits. She got herself into the record books a couple of years ago by being the first quadriplegic person to sail across the English Channel solo. Last summer she sailed solo around the Isle of Wight and now she’s planning to sail around Britain. She gradually became quadriplegic through a degenerative disease, but like you she’s sporty, brilliant and focused. I know that being independent in the boat is a great feeling for her. She’s got a great website:

    Hoping that the wretched infection will be conquered soon and that you’ll find just the right care assistants. Not easy I’m sure.

    All good wishes


  2. Hi Tom,

    I’m rubbish at using your site – don’t know how to leave a message that doesn’t necessarily link to a previous message?

    Anyhow – hope you’re good – was great to see you the other weekend – we’ll pop up again soon – and you should come and stay at ours with Ells – as discussed!!

    Remember I spoke to you about the guy who wrote this book i’m publicising? Obviously I mentioned you and he sent me an email saying he was doing a talk today a Stoke M about the patient education programme – if you’re going i’m warning you that he might come and introduce himself – he’s really nice – called Tim.

    When is your next date at the old ship?? I know it’s coming up soon and we want to come along so need to know the date!


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